Mobile broadband in Ireland from Vodafone – pay as you go

Vodafone Ireland offer pay as you go 3G mobile broadband in the Republic of Ireland. Vodafone offer a variety of options for pre-paid mobile broadband. Customers can choose to pay per day, currently 3 euro per day, weekly at 10 euro or monthly at 20 euro.

To top up your broadband allowance simply buy a top up voucher at retail outlets or online.

More information about Vodafone mobile broadband PAYG in Ireland

Vodafone Ireland has a customer base of over 2 which includes mobile and fixed subscribers. Vodafone Ireland employ over 1000 people in Dublin and in Dundalk County Louth.

Vodafone customer support

Vodafone Ireland offer customer support 24 hours a day – seven days a week. Vodafone Irelan HQ is situated in MountainView, Leopardstown.

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