Price compare hotels UK and Ireland residents May 2012

03 May 2012

New hotel price comparison search engine introduced by

Allowing for the search of over thirty leading world hotel sites, booking agencies and hotyel chains, the hotel price comparison search engine displays and compares prices from multiple hotel booking sites in real time.

Searches are simple and easy to understand and display the cheapest price available from all suppliers for you chosen hotel. search facility searches more hotel providers than any other hotel price comparison service and is a great way for Ireland and UK residents to save money on their hotel bookings. Use this search facility to find the lowest room rates.

Compare hotel prices

World hotel price comparisons

Benefits of using a hotel price comparison service

  • Save time by searching multiple web sites at once
  • Compare prices for the same rooms to get the best deal
  • Find alternative hotels if your first choice is booked out
  • Search for holiday ideas and inspiration
  • Make sure you are not paying more if you planned the booking with the official hotel web site.


Information about the price compare service for hotels.

Contact details for hotel bookings

View the latest offers from world hotels using this hotel comparison tool:

Latest hotel offers

Browse hotel comparison by country

Help to find the lowest hotel room rates

Additional travel service:

Compare car rental / hire rates from multiple suppliers to find the lowest car hire rates and charges.

Car hire price comparison Ireland and the UK


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